Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cashew nuts do not have a lot of fat in comparison to the different nuts we have, and they are in a form that is health wise very beneficial to the heart. Cashew nuts also have no cholesterol at all and have antioxidants found in them keep heart disease away.

Helps To Prevent Cancer

The presence of proanthocyanidins in cashew nuts contributes to fighting tumor cells because they stop them from further division. Cashew nuts contain copper in high volumes which help to prevent cancer of the large intestine.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Cashew nuts are very beneficial in helping to lower ones blood pressure. This is made possible because of the presence of magnesium

Lowers Risk Of Gallstones

Gallstones are a result of too much cholesterol, and they occur when this cholesterol hardens. Research has shown that having a good intake of cashew nuts help to prevent these gallstones from forming.

Helps With Weight Loss

Cashew nuts have a lot of nutrients and contain an assortment of minerals that help with weight loss. You will find that cashews help one to feel full and this results in reduced cravings and prevents unnecessary intakes of food.

Helps The Brain To Function Well

The brain is made up of mostly fat and so constantly needs healthy fatty acids. Cashew nuts are a natural source of this. They help in mood regulation and cognitive function. There is improved circulation of blood and less pressure, and thus they also prevent migraines.

Prevents Occurrence Of Diabetes

The natural fats found in cashew nuts help a great deal in preventing diabetes because they lower the speed of blood getting into the bloodstream. These qualities of cashew nuts help to prevent diabetes. Research indicates that there is a lesser presence of inflammatory biomarkers in the body of someone whose diet consists of cashews and since it is these markers that play a big part in resistance of insulin and consequently lead to diabetes, it is safe to say that cashew nuts play a great role in preventing diabetes.

They Make The Bones Healthy

Cashew nuts have a presence of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium and these play a great deal in bone building. Cashew nuts also contain vitamin K which helps in bone building

They Promote Healthy Hair

Cashew nuts are very rich in the mineral copper. Copper is the mineral that helps to give hair that black color.